1.      How long have you been bartending for?

I have bartended for almost two years now but having said that I was learning about the drinks industry for about a year before while working as a waiter and that included reading books and visiting different bars and I still do that now.

2.      How long have you been working at No. 11?

I have worked for No11 all together for a year.

3.      What is your favourite part of your job?

The favourite part of my job would have to be challenged by guests to create a new drink based on their liking flavours, favourite spirit, length of the flavours and so on, everyone feels different about their drinks so it’s important to get it right.

4.      Run us through a typical day as a bartender.

A typical day for me would probably start off with getting the bar ready which is of course the key to running a good bar. In the early hours of the evening our guests start arriving so as a front of house I welcome them to join me at the bar for refreshments before they sit down for dinner, during the dinner service I make sure that all the drinks come out of the bar as they should before getting to the table and sometimes it happens when a guest isn't sure what to drink I'm invited to their table for recommendations which is great pleasure of doing so. In the later hours it's where it gets lively for all of us, the bar fills up quickly with people who come to enjoy a drink and that’s when most of the time I spend time with people talking and making cocktails, recommending wines and beers until the last orders are called

5.      How do you get inspiration for new cocktails?

The new ideas come to me by knowing what I have on the back bar and knowing what goes well with it, as I mentioned I do also pick up a lot of ideas from the books that I read and the bars that I visit.  Then I put some ideas together or decide to tweak it a little bit and after a few attempts of making the drink a new cocktail is born.

6.      What is your favourite cocktail to make? And to drink?

 One of my favourite drinks to make would have to be martinis, and that is because it takes a precision and right balance of ingredients to get the drink that you want. And also martinis are one of purest and best forms to enjoy your favourite brand spirit of choice.

7.      Are there any cocktail trends that we should be aware of this summer?

The top trend in cocktails this summer would be to enjoy the depth of the fruity drinks and that is thanks to the use of bitters which let you to explore the flavours of the drinks without being over sweetened.

8.      What is your favourite spirit to work with and why?

Not to sound mainstream but I'll have to say I still have the gin craze and that’s because it's a really large category and so many different styles to work with and enjoy.

9.      What is the best thing about being a bartender?

The best part of being a bartender is that every day I am trusted to make the guest’s night special through the night the second they come in.