First things first – you’re going to need the following:

Egg 1 ea
Chilli Oil 5ml
Pumpkin Hash 90gm
Bean & Heritage Tomato Salad 1-2ea
Bacon 20gm
Basil 5gm
Water Cress 20gm
Salt 1gm
Pepper 1gm


There’s method in our madness:


Bean & Tomato Salad:

1.     Cook 4 diced mini sausage, 2cubes pork belly or bacon
2.     Add 1 can haricot beans and sauté for 1min
3.     Add 1 fresh diced tomato cook for 1 min.
4.     Cool


Pumpkin Hash:

1.     Place large cut 90gm pumpkin in pan add 15gm chopped onion, spring onion and seasoning.
2.     Fry in hot pan, make hash and finish in oven.



1. Poach one egg in simmering vinegar water.
2.   Warm bean mix
3. Add 2 spoons heritage tomato mix & basil leaf
4. Spoon in a line across serving plate.
5.  Then place pumpkin hash.
6. Place one poached egg on top of pumpkin hash.
7. Add crispy bacon, watercress & fresh basil
8. Chili oil around, crackled pepper and serve.